Montauk, NY: In which we cycled to America’s 4th oldest lighthouse

Montauk is a small town that is situated at the very end of Long Island. We’d heard it was a cute little town with a nice ride out to a lighthouse, so seeing as we are new owners of mountain bikes (thanks Walmart!) we decided to go and explore!

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The Hamptons, NY: In which we saw enormous mansions

Spring has finally arrived in the Hamptons! We have been here for a couple of weeks now, and it has gone from -10°C and sleet to a tropical 13°C and beautiful sunshine.


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NYC: in which we covered more of Manhattan

We’ve walked many miles in the last week – NYC is most definitely a walking city! We’ve loved being in the city and feel like we’ve explored a lot of it, but there is still heaps left to do! Until next time NYC…

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NYC: In which we welcomed the Concrete Jungle into our hearts

New York City. When you think of the Big Apple, you imagine giant skyscrapers, pizza, parks, and bad coffee. Well, it’s all that and more!

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Tis a strange thing, packing one’s life into boxes…

All packed and ready to go… we leave tomorrow!

Stay tuned for musings about life and travels in the USA and Canada!

P&S xx

What to pack for six weeks in SE Asia?

Sometimes, it’s a nightmare deciding what to pack for a trip overseas. We made numerous lists, packed and re-packed numerous times, and in the end we still didn’t use all the stuff we took. So here’s a list of what we would recommend taking to SE Asia for a trip (not including the things we didn’t use, of course!). Continue reading

Hong Kong: in which we were dazzled by city lights and walked for miles

After being in less-developed countries for five weeks, arriving in Hong Kong was an assault to the senses. The size of the sky scrapers, the neon lights, and the sheer amount of people was astonishing. Continue reading