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We’ve decided to take the leap into moving our blog to a proper grown-up website, along with a name change!

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Black & White in New York City

We’ve just been on another wonderful trip into NYC, and for this trip I decided to get a bit more creative with photography, rather than take the same old pictures again. I haven’t done much black and white photography before, so I turned my camera settings to B+W for the whole day – it was a really interesting challenge! Looking for the changes in shadow depth rather than pops of colour made me change my thought process for composing a photo, and I think I got some pretty good results!

– Petra x

What to pack for six weeks in SE Asia?

Sometimes, it’s a nightmare deciding what to pack for a trip overseas. We made numerous lists, packed and re-packed numerous times, and in the end we still didn’t use all the stuff we took. So here’s a list of what we would recommend taking to SE Asia for a trip (not including the things we didn’t use, of course!). Continue reading

Something for the fellas!

As most of you who know me would know, I do like the odd tipple – especially when it comes to beer. So I thought I’d give you all a little inside information from on the ground in Bangkok. Continue reading

Auckland: in which we packed our bags and said sayonara to NZ

The day before going on a big trip always drags, doesn’t it? You’ve got boring chores to do – vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, doing a last load of washing, and of course making sure you’ve got everything you need for your big adventure. But once that is all done, then what?  Continue reading

Stage One of QLC (Quarter-Life Crisis)

Things are falling into place!

We are flying out of Auckland bright and early on November 29th, heading to Bangkok. We’ll be there for 4 days, during which time we’ll see some sights we didn’t manage to see last time we were there in 2009 (including the Grand Palace – we got mixed up in one of those ‘Oh, but it’s closed today!’ scams, so determined not to let that happen this time), and we’ll get our visas for Myanmar too. Oh and maybe fit in some shopping at MBK too if time permits (…time will permit!) Continue reading


Hi there,

Thanks for taking a look at our blog.

We’re leaving New Zealand in November, so we will start posting stories and photos then!

First stop: Bangkok!

Petra & Shaun xx