Planning a trip?

When planning adventures, we generally use online sources for accommodation rather than guidebooks which are often really out of date.

Here’s a list of sites we’ve found most useful when finding places to stay (as pre-booking is essential when visiting Myanmar in high season) and figuring out how to get from A to B.

We find the maps in Lonely Planet guides good, and the guides themselves are good for sightseeing, but you can get the maps for free from the link below if you don’t want to buy the book – handy!

This list is focused on SE Asia but will be added to as we venture to other parts of the world!

The sites we’ve found most useful:

Travelfish – an up-to-date website overflowing with useful information for backpackers around SE Asia.

Thorn Tree forum by Lonely Planet – there’s a huge travel community on this site, you can ask questions and you’ll have a response probably in a few hours!

TripAdvisor – useful for reading hotel reviews. Take these with a grain of salt though! Also a good travel forum on here.

Erohisms – a travel blog by two Americans travelling through Asia. Good useful information about Myanmar.

Leaping Lemur – great up-to-date information on Myanmar, especially accommodation (as well as info on other SEA countries).

A Bad Idea – a travel blog with lovely photos of places throughout SEA, great to get ideas of where to go from!

Seat 61 – guide to train travel throughout the world.

Lonely Planet Ebook Maps – self-explanatory. A little bit hard to navigate but click on the links until you find the right ones. Useful if you don’t want to buy the LP guide!

Hostelworld – cheap hostel/hotel/guesthouse bookings

Agoda – lots of selection of hotels etc. for booking online (if you have to)

Airbnb – some of the houses you can stay in on this site are incredible!


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