Roadtrip #2: Cape Cod and Boston

The past week has been full of little fishing villages, whales, beaches, and sunshine. Rhonda Burgundy took us all around the southern parts of New England, through Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

New London in Connecticut was an appropriate starting point for our journey into New England. We disembarked from the ferry from Long Island there, and headed towards Cape Cod. We travelled through the small state of Rhode Island, and stopped in Newport, home of the America’s Cup. What a gorgeous town! There were lots of little old houses and a cute village around the waterfront.

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Less touristy things to do in New Zealand

There’s the touristy stuff like bungy jumping in Queenstown or whale watching in Kaikoura (which are both fantastic, by the way), and then there’s the other stuff that many people may not know about. Here’s a list of suggestions (by no means exhaustive) of off-the-beaten-track things to do in NZ: Continue reading