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Hong Kong: in which we were dazzled by city lights and walked for miles

After being in less-developed countries for five weeks, arriving in Hong Kong was an assault to the senses. The size of the sky scrapers, the neon lights, and the sheer amount of people was astonishing. Continue reading

36 hours in Auckland… what to do?

So you’ve got 36 hours to kill in Auckland (conveniently happening to fall on a weekend, of course!)… what do you do? Here are some suggestions for what we would consider our ideal weekend in the City of Sails. Continue reading

Touristy things in New Zealand that are totally worth it

Following our post of the other day on less touristy things to do in New Zealand, let’s follow it up with some of the touristy things that we’ve done, that we think are really worth it!

Unless you’ve got bucket-loads of cash, doing all the attractions NZ has to offer is nigh on impossible. We’ve ticked off a few in the past few years, and here are our favourites: Continue reading

Less touristy things to do in New Zealand

There’s the touristy stuff like bungy jumping in Queenstown or whale watching in Kaikoura (which are both fantastic, by the way), and then there’s the other stuff that many people may not know about. Here’s a list of suggestions (by no means exhaustive) of off-the-beaten-track things to do in NZ: Continue reading