Road Trip #1: Jersey Shore, NJ, and New York, NY

We’ve decided to stay in the States for a little while, so we bought a van that we can take on road trips. Buying the van turned out to be a hideously convoluted and nightmarish process, but we got there in the end – thank goodness! Her name is Rhonda Burgundy and she’s a delightfully ugly Chevy. Introducing Rhonda:

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The Hamptons, NY: In which we saw enormous mansions

Spring has finally arrived in the Hamptons! We have been here for a couple of weeks now, and it has gone from -10°C and sleet to a tropical 13°C and beautiful sunshine.


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NYC: In which we welcomed the Concrete Jungle into our hearts

New York City. When you think of the Big Apple, you imagine giant skyscrapers, pizza, parks, and bad coffee. Well, it’s all that and more!

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