Black & White in New York City

We’ve just been on another wonderful trip into NYC, and for this trip I decided to get a bit more creative with photography, rather than take the same old pictures again. I haven’t done much black and white photography before, so I turned my camera settings to B+W for the whole day – it was a really interesting challenge! Looking for the changes in shadow depth rather than pops of colour made me change my thought process for composing a photo, and I think I got some pretty good results!

– Petra x


NYC: A view from above and more.

Another great day visiting NYC:

A helicopter flight over Manhattan (an engagement gift from some amazing friends), wandering the High Line (it got a lot greener since the last time we visited!), soaking up the vibes and culture at the 9th Ave Food Festival (they shut down 15 blocks!), and a dusk-time walk through Central Park (our first sighting of a raccoon, and a bird swallowed a fish whole!).

Enjoy πŸ™‚

P&S xx
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Kalaw-Inle Lake trek, Myanmar: in which we walked through rice paddies and slept on the floor in village houses

The three-day, 50 km trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake was something that we had been excited to do since we decided to come to Myanmar. Continue reading